Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 4/18/22

Riding out an Easter chocolate hangover

Artist Title Album Label New
The Blossoms That's When the Tears Start single 1965
Twïnn Killin' For You Lovebird 2022
Twïnn Lost Again Lovebird 2022
Unrest Suki Imperial F.F.R.R. 1992
Frankie Cosmos Embody Next Thing 2016
Sugar Pie DeSanto Slip-In Mules single 1964
Automatic Electrocution Signal 2019
that dog. Minneapolis Retreat From The Sun 1997
Christine DeLaroache Des Tigres Et Des Minetes Femmes de Paris released 1967 / compilation 2021
Don Telling's Island Adventures The Ipcress File s/t 2022
Graves New Retreat Easy Not Easy 2006
Dead Sullivan wishuwerehere Reason 2015
The Impressions I've Been Trying Keep On Pushing 1964
Les Filles de Illighadad Tende live performance traditional song / performance 2017
The Books There Is No There The Lemon of Pink 2003
Exuma Zandoo Exuma II 1970
Savoy Motel Crossword Puzzle Love Your Face 2022
Woo Dobbin's Lost His Coconuts Source: The Independent Project Records Collection recorded 70s? / compilation 2022
Young-Holt Unlimited Wack Wack On Stage 1967
Alex G Salt Beach Music 2015
Lift to Experience These Are the Days The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads 2001
Contraction Claire fontaine La bourse ou la vie 1974
CMAT I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby! single 2020
SASAMI Make It Right Squeeze 2022
Liz Brady The Palladium Femmes De Paris released 1966 / compilation 2021
The Sea and Cake Any Day Any Day 2018
Parenthetical Girls Gut Symetries Entanglements 2008
Judee Sill There's A Rugged Road Heart Food 1973
Mutual Benefit Getting Gone Skip A Sinking Stone 2016
David Byrne Tiny Apocalypse Grown Backwards 2004

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