The Politics of Dancing on Fri 4/29/22

Sorry for the slight later start, Penn Relays make it hard to get around University City on this chilly April morning!
Glad to be here though and bring you a special throw back John Digweed set later in the show from his Global Underground Series mix GU 006- Sydney. While I wasn't there at the time of the recording of this mix... wouldn't that have been amazing!!!, I was clubbing enough at the time to tell you from many dancefloor nights are that this is exactly what the vibe was like.... pumping... transcendent! and fast.....

To also give you a sense of the chronology of the rise of John Digweed, this album was released a year after Northern Exposure 2, Which was wildly successful! The next year, 1999, John delivered his first BEDROCK album, its another incredible mix( 2 cds!) that you must listen to.... harder for sure.. but what a ride!

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enjoy the week!
xoxo- roo

Artist Title Album Label
framewerk a new life
framewerk electric beliefs
Christian J/ Grey Matter Be Yours
CP/ Pole Folder Dust
Fur Coat/ Advis Fading Borders
Way out west Killa Don't look now
Unkle Reign (Way out West remix)
Way Out West Apollo Don't Look now
Kosheen Hungry
Kosheen Face In the Crowd Resist
Framewerk YekeYeke
Delerium Love Chimera
Opencloud Time Stand Still
Bicep Apricot(Humanal's Tricep remix)
IIO Rapture( John Creamer and Stephane K remix)
Fortunato and Montresor Imagine
Liquid Language Blue Savannah
Pocket Wonky(Head Effect Remix)
Jan Driver Flood
Astral Matrix Towars Omega
Danny Tenaglia Elements
Hong Kong Trash Down the River(McBuffalo Remix)
Abundance Spiritual
Brother Brown Slap Me Some Skin
David Alverado Blue
Lando Psycho Magic Digital Drum
Albion Air

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