Fair Trade Radio on Mon 5/2/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
MJ Lenderman You Are Every Girl to Me Boat Songs new
The Loners With Parentheses Follow Four New Songs
Wednesday, Zach Romeo I am The Cosmos (Chris Bell) Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling 'em Up new
Horse Jumper of Love I Poured Sugar in Your Shoes I Poured Sugar In Your Shoes new
feeble little horse Tricks Hayday
Dead Sullivan You Were There, Inside My Head Best Friend
Hovvdy Favorite Taster
Julia Brown To Be Close To You To Be Close To You
Hotline TNT Ten Feelings When You Find Out new
Horsegirl Billy Billy new
A Country Western When Was Yesterday When Was Yesterday new
Hella Yubacore Tripper
Polvo Sure Shot Today's Active Lifestyles
Thingy Not To Follow Morbid Curiosity
Guerilla Toss Live Exponential Famously Alive new
Spirit of the Beehive THE DOOR IS CLOSING THE DOOR new
My Idea I Can't Dance That's My Idea
Pom Poko Our House This Is Our House
Shiner The Egg The Egg
Daedelus Thus the Whirligig Invention
μ-Ziq (mu-Ziq) Catkin And Teasel Lunatic Harness
Stereolab Brakhage Dots and Loops
Tortoise I Set My Face to the Hillside TNT
Broadcast Echo's Answer The Noise Made By People
supernowhere The Hand Skinless Takes A Flight
String Machine Gales of Worry Hallelujah Hell Yeah
Skirts Dayspell Great Big Wild Oak
Lomelda Sad 2 Sad 2 / Slide
Buck Meek Second Sight Two Saviors
Lutalo Call It In Call It In

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