The Politics of Dancing on Fri 5/13/22

So Excited to bring you the incredible Bedrock recording artist, Aubrey Fry today at the 10:30 hour!

It isn’t uncommon for people to take a break from dance music and make a subsequent comeback, but not many people take a 15-year break in the Welsh wilderness then sign all 5 of their first completed productions to a prestigious imprint such as Bedrock. Up steps Aubrey Fry who has done just that, following the purplest of pandemic production patches during which time all other pursuits had to be put on hold.
First came inclusion on John Digweed’s gargantuan 2021 Bedrock mix compilation sequel, Quattro II, with the track Hard featuring alongside contributions from luminaries including Robbert Babicz, Josh Wink, Darren Emmerson, Bushwacka!, Miles Atmospheric, and Quivver. This was shortly followed by his first solo release for the label in May 2021 with the 4-track Dystopia EP, featuring the tracks, Nature, Tyrant, Topaz and Dystopia. The EP successfully shows off the contrasting sides of Aubrey’s productions, with elements of breaks, techno, and electronica juxtaposed to great effect for audiophile listeners and dance floors alike.
Aubrey records a regular weekly show on Mixcloud called ἐκλεκτικός which showcases the more eclectic side of DJing, with various genres and tempos all in the mix. Tune in here and follow Aubrey on his socials @aubreyfrymusic

Enjoy the show today and because this is POLITICS OF DANCING....We believe that raising your voice and stomping your feet for causes that are central to human rights are part of the mission of this program.... Tomorrow all over the USA, we are rallying to flight to protect a woman's right to choose! On May 2nd, we learned from a leaked draft opinion that SCOTUS is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, stripping the constitutional right to abortion in spite of fifty years of precedent.

The Supreme Court is making their official decision on abortion rights in June. Once that happens, 26 states could move quickly to ban abortion, meaning millions of people could live without local access to abortion care.

Roe has always been the floor, not the ceiling. Many Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color experience barriers to accessing abortions. The people in your community and across the country deserve the power and freedom to make their own personal reproductive health care decisions.

We have to act NOW, all across the country. Together we will send a strong message that we're not backing down. Supporting abortion access must be protected and defended. Tomorrow in Philadelphia at 10-12 at Dilworth Plaza.. we march... we raise our voices and we dance....

xoxo- roo

Artist Title Album
Hybrid Polaris Light of the fearless
BT Childhood Montage Monster soundtrack (2003)
Alex Gold You're the One Back from a break
Bedrock Forge(Fretwell Remix)
Borneo Trying
Robyn Dancing On My Own
Richie Blacker Ketamine Dreams
Deep Dish feat Stevie Nicks Dreams (Axwell Remix)
Aubrey Fry GUEST MIX
Richie Blacker Voices in the Echo
Telepop Musik breathe

The Politics of Dancing

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