Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Tue 7/26/22

Whoopsies!! Lied about being back in person last week, and then lied about getting this playlist up in 24 hrs. srry

But keep yr eyes peeled, when I finally do return to live, in-person broadcasts, I'm going to be doing a special all vinyl set!!! :)

Artist Title Album Label New
Peter Thomas Vergiss Mich, Wenn Pu Kannst Moonflowers and Mini-Skirts 2003
The Fly-Bi Nites Found Love single 1967
Avey Tare Ms. Secret Eucalyptus 2017
Stephen Malkmus The Greatest Own in Legal History Traditional Techniques 2020
Ramleh Do Not Come Near Hole In the Heart released 1987 / expanded re-issue 2010
Viagra Boys Ain't No Thief Cave World 2022
White Noise Love Without Sound An Electric Storm 1969
Fashion Club Pantomime Scrutiny 2022
Mica Levi Wings Ruff Dog 2020
Holy Wave Chaparral single 2022
Tullycraft Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid to Know About Old Traditions, New Standards 1996
One For the Team Questions and Panthers Build A Garden 2009
Coconut Records It's Not You It's Me Nighttiming 2007
heka my blue florentine other drugs 2019
Disco Inferno The Last Dance The 5 EPs Released 1993 / compilation 2011
The Rev-Lons After Last Night single 1964
Little Wings Look At What the Light Did Now Light Green Leaves 2002
Flo Morrissey / Matthew E. White Look At What the Light Did Now Gentlewoman, Ruby Man 2017
Praises My Condolances In This Year: Hierophant 2022
St Vincent Human Racing Marry Me 2007
Th' Faith Healers Not A God L' 1990
Bauhaus All We Ever Wanted Was Everything The Sky's Gone Out 1982
Jockstrap Concrete Over Water single 2022
Perfume Genius Pop Song Ugly Season 2022
Mehdi Hassan Shikwa Na Kar Mehdi Hassan Through The Years compilation 1976
The Idols Sou 'Dosa Tin Agapi Mou s/t 1969
Bahta Gebre-Heywet Tessassateng eko Ethiopiques, Vol. 8: Swinging Addis: 1969-1974 released 1973 / compilation 2004
Chris Spedding Video Life Guitar Graffiti 1978

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