Glass Cannon on Wed 8/31/22

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Yellow Pills At Last The Captain Has Arrived! Too Many Metrics Mint 400 Records / Raining Music
Matana Roberts Her Mighty Waters Run Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis Constellation
Aphex Twin Logan Rock Witch Richard D. James Album Warp Records Limited
Moor Mother GOLDEN LADY (feat. Melanie Charles) Jazz Codes Anti
Zenizen Aja P.O.C (Proof of Concept) Topshelf Records
Machine Girl Ghost Wlfgrl Machine Girl
I. JORDAN Dear Nan King For You Local Action Records
Jon Hopkins We Disappear Immunity (Special Edition) Domino Recording
Powerplant Nothing Good Shall Ever Change Here Stump Soup Static Shock Records
Ela Minus let them have the internet acts of rebellion Domino Recording
Boards of Canada Beware the Friendly Stranger Geogaddi Warp Records
Cranes High and Low Cranes Dadaphonic
Pet Shimmers Crash Tense Dummy Face Down in Meta Pet Shimmers
CFCF Heaven (feat. Sarah Bonito) Memoryland BGM Solutions
Daughters of Reykjavík All Out Of Luck All Out Of Luck - Single Shrimp Records
Logic System Closing // Glassworks TECHNASMA pinewaves
Real Lies Ethos Lad Ash UNREAL
Howie Lee Edward's Resort 天地不仁 Howie Lee
Makeup and Vanity Set Hwy 501: Cavern Crossroad Overpass [Video Game OST] Makeup and Vanity Set
Oneothrix Point Never Bail Bonds Good Time [OST] Warp Records
The Comet Is Coming Blood of the Past (feat. Kate Tempest) Trust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep Mystery Impulse! Records
Sinead O Brien Multitudes Time Bend And Break The Bower Chess Club Records
Palm Parable Lickers Nicks and Grazes Saddle Creek
THICK Happiness Happy Now Epitaph
Dama Scout gor gor gen wo lai (come with me) Hand In Hive

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