Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 11/7/22

hi hi hi, back to regular programing, sweating through this autumnal heat wave

featuring Gio on his second sit in :)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Vashti Bunyan Rose Hip November Just Another Diamond Day 1970
The Books A True Story of True Love The Lemon of Pink 2003
Bobby Birdman Holiday the Ghost It's Important to Me to Be One Step Further Than One Step Beyond 2003
Grandaddy Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance Under the Western Freeway 1997
Knifeplay Promise Animal Drowning 2022
The Brian Jonestown Massacre It Girl Thank God for Mental Illness 1996
Frog It's Something I Do Count Bateman 2019
Graves Death Left A Message Easy Not Easy 2006
Jockstrap Greatest Hits I Love You Jennifer B 2022
Hamid Al Shaeri Ayonha Habibi Funk (An Eclectic Selection of Music from the Arab World) recorded 80s, compilation 2017
Emitt Rhodes Somebody Made For Me s/t 1970
Girls At Our Best Politics! Pleasure 1981
Alvvays After the Earthquake Blue Rev 2022
ShitKid Spring Theory This Is It 2018
Pierre Barouh Le Pollen Le Pollen 1982
Neggy Gemmy Bad Baby (Club Mix) Bad Baby 2018
Water From Your Eyes No Better Now Somebody Else's Song 2019
Palm Tumbleboy Nicks and Grazes 2022
Schneider TM / K.P.T.Michi.Gan The Light 3000 Binokular 2000
Dry Cleaning Anna Calls from the Arctic Stumpwork 2022
Shannon Lay Rare to Wake Geist 2021
Headphones I Never Wanted You single 2005
Frog Hartsdale Hotbox Count Bateman 2019
Teen Suicide you were my star honeybee table at the butterfly feast 2022
The Amps Pacer Pacer 1995
Tonetta A Little At A Time recorded 70s
Pottery Hot Like Jungle Welcome to Bobby's Motel 2020
Diane Cluck Lie Quiet With Me Common Wealth 2020
Brokeback The Wilson Ave. Bridge at the Chicago River, 1953 Field Recordings from the Cook County Water Table 1999

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