Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 11/21/22

I am not full of vitriol, I've never been made of vinegar
You said I was sweet, well what else is a girl supposed to be?

Artist Title Album Label New
SASAMI Turns Out I Was Everyone s/t 2019
Dear Nora scrolls of doom human futures 2022
Kate NV Not Not Not Room for the Moon 2020
Tony Burrello There's a New Sound single 1952
Hovvdy Ruby billboard for my feelings 2022
Bill Callahan Sycamore Woke on a Whaleheart 2007
Bobbie Gentry Greyhound Goin' Somewhere Touch 'Em With Love 1969
Drugdealer Madison Hiding In Plain Sight 2022
The Savages Gone to the Moon Anxious Color compilation 2014, released 1966
Black Country, New Road Track X For the first time 2021
Piero Umiliani Luna d'agosto - Con clavicembalo 5 Bambole per la luna dragosto compilation 2013, recorded 60's
Palm Touch and Go Nicks and Grazes 2022
Animal Collective Who Could Win A Rabbit Sung Tongs 2004
Asa-Chung and Juray Hana Hana EP 2001
Half Waif Lavender Burning Lavender 2018
Xiu Xiu Laura Palmer's Theme Plays the Music of Twin Peaks 2016
Strange Ranger In Hell No Light In Heaven (Expanded) 2022
Black Eyes Someone Has His Fingers Broken s/t 2003
The Ladies Empathy on a Stick They Mean Us 2006
Dry Cleaning Don't Press Me Stumpwork 2022
Amen Dunes Love Love 2014
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone Natural Light Vs. Children 2009
Todd Rundgren Healing, Pt. 1 Healing 1981
Xiu Xiu / Grouper A Bottle of Rum OH NO 2021
De Lux When Your Life Feels Like A Loss Generation 2015
Jockstrap Glasgow I Love You Jennifer B 2022
Anika In the City s/t 2010
All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors Your Imagination Turning Into Small 1998

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