Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 1/9/23

I have an evening show now. Like the proper alumni-dj-with-a-day-job I now am

Artist Title Album Label New
Mirah Of Pressure You Think It's Like This But Really It's Like This 2000
Nora Guthrie Home Before Dark Sky Girl released 1967, compilation 2016
United Sacred Harp Convention Sherburne (186) Wave the Ocean, Wave the Sea: Alan Lomax's "Southern Journey," 1959-1960 recorded 1959, compilation 2010
Polyrock Love Song Changing Hearts 1981
We All Have Hooks For Hands Hold On, C'mon The Pretender 2007
Shannon Lay Song of Mourning The 11th Hour: Songs for Climate Justice 2022
Xiu Xiu Apistat Commander A Promise 2003
Broken Social Scene Guilty Cubicles Feel Good Lost 2001
Ulrika Spacek No. 1 Hum Suggestive Listening EP 2018
Dear Nora scrolls of doom human futures 2022
Dry Cleaning Stumpwork Stumpwork 2022
Maximum Joy Stretch - 12" Version single 1981
Dorothy Berry You're So Fine single 1963
N0V3L Will To Power Novel 2019
Bruce Haack Sing The Electronic Record for Children 1969
Sven Libaek Where the Daring Go The Set (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 1970
Panda Bear / Sonic Boom Everyday Reset 2022
Kalbells Cool and Bendable single 2020
Cossette Idealisation Femmes de Paris: Groovy French Sounds from the 60s released 1967, compilation
Eerie Wanda Long Time Internal Radio 2022
Jockstrap Greatest Hits I Love You Jennifer B 2022
The Tammys Egyptian Shumba single 1964
Kim Gordon Murdered Out No Home Record 2019
Black Ox Orkestar Tish Nign Everything Returns 2022
Tanukichan Hunned Bandz Sundays 2018
Nice Try No Good Convinced EP 2014
Little Wings Boom! Light Green Leaves 2002
Modest Mouse Out of Gas The Lonesome Crowded West 1997 RIP Jeremiah Green

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