Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 3/13/23

catchin' luck in the crook of a horseshoe

Artist Title Album Label New
Lesbians on Ecstacy Tell Me Does She Love the Bass s/t 2004
Tanukichan Don't Give Up GIZMO 2023
Charlie Watson Now That I'm A River Now That I'm A River 2018
Clue to Kalo Seconds When It's Minutes One Way, It's Every Way 2005
Cat Power Ruin Sun 2012
Clinic Come Into Our Room Come Into Our Room 2002
Brigitte Bardot / Serge Gainsbourg Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie & Clyde 1968
Voxtrot Warmest Part of the Year LITTLE DARLA HAS A TREAT FOR YOU v.24: Endless Summer Edition 2006
Dougie Poole Nothing On This Earth Can Make Me Smile The Rainbow Wheel of Death 2023
Hood You're Worth The WHole World Cold House 2001
Surma Tergiverso alla 2023
Rick Cuevas The Birds s/t 1984
Beat Happening What's Important s/t 1985
Viagra Boys Creatures Wellfare Jazz 2021
Madeline Bell Picture Me Gone single 1967
that dog. Minneapolis Retreat From The Sun 1997
The B-52's Give Me Back My Man Wild Planet 1980
First Choice One Step Away single 1973
Rozi Plain Help Prize 2023
David Byrne Glass, Concrete & Stone Grown Backwards 2004
Nana Grizol Atom (M Street) Dancing Dogs 2023
The Three Degrees Year of Decision single 1973
Joanna Newsom Peach, Plum, Pear The Milk Eyed Mender 2005
Female Species Tale of My Lost Love Tale of My Lost Love released 1966 / compilation 2021
Dry Cleaning Peanuts - Demo Swampy EP 2023
Toni & The Hearts Never Change Our Love Camden Calling released 1965 / compilation 2018
Bonny Doon A Lotta Things Longwave 2018
Paulette & The Cupids Teenage Dropout Basement Beehive: The Girl Group Underground released 1965 / compilation 2018
Polyrock Love Song Changing Hearts 1981

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