Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 9/11/23

First 2 hours of the Special 4 Hour Spilt Milk for Pseudo-Intellectuals Autumnal Extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
~~~~~ Amy's Hour ~~~~ ~~~~~
Mirah & Ginger Oh September Songs from the Black Mountain Music Project 2003
Jeffery Lewis Seattle The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane 2002
Frog Bones Whatever, We Probably Already Had It 2018
The Cat's Miaow Not Like I Was Doing Anything Songs '94-'98 recorded 90s, compilation 2022
The Lovin' Spoonful Didn't Want To Have To Do It Daydream 1966
Parsley Sounds Ease Yourself and Glide Parsley Sounds 2003
The Books Take Time The Lemon of Pink 2003
Jessica Pratt Half Twain the Jesse Jessica Pratt 2012
Elis Regina / António Carlos Jobim Águas De Março Elis & Tom 1974
Alabaster DePlume I Hope Copernicus - The Good Book of No 2012
Doc Boggs Sugar Baby Dock Boggs, Vol. 2 recorded 20s, compilation 1965
Alex G Harvey DSU 2014
The Afterglows Have to Hide The Afterglows 2019
Graves Dirty Bird Easy Not Easy 2007
Contraction Claire fontaine La bourse ou la vie 1974
~~~~~ Gio's Hour ~~~~~ ~~~~~
The Olivia Tremor Control I Can Smell The Leaves Dusk at Cubist Castle
Strawberry Switchblade Trees and Flowers 1982 4 Piece Demo
Twin Peaks Blue Coupe Sweet '17 Singles
Goodbit Threw Jackweed
The Lost Days, Tony Molina Outro In The Store
Close Lobsters In Spite of These Times Foxheads Stalk This Land
The Jam That's Entertainent Sound Affects
The Cleaners From Venus Golden Age Saturday In The Golden Autumn
Home Is Where lily pad pupils the whaler
Emporer X Erica Wester Teleport Western Teleport
Pinegrove Need 2 Everything So Far
Doused Strawberry Blonde Murmur
Cocteau Twins Iceblink Luck Heaven or Las Vegas
George Clanton, Hatchie For You, I Will Ooh Rap I Ya

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