Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 11/20/23

I'm typically a hardcore NO CHRISTMAS UNTIL AFTER THANKSGIVING person, but this is the first holiday season where I'm living somewhere I have space for a Christmas tree, so I've spent the last few weeks gathering up decorations and I'm so excited to put them up :3

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Irreversible Entaglements / Aquiles Navarro No Más Who Sent You? 2020
Barbara Mason Trouble Child Yes, I'm Ready 1965
Voxtrot Soft & Warm Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives 2006
Dougie Poole High School Gym The Rainbow Wheel of Death 2023
Frog So Twisted Fate GROG 2023
Mirah Of Pressure You Think It's Like This, But Really It's Like This 2000
Xiu Xiu Sad Redux-O-Grapher A Promise 2003
thanks for coming Loop What Is My Capacity To Love? 2023
thanks for coming Try Again What Is My Capacity To Love? 2023
@ Letters Mind Palace Music 2023
Bobbie Gentry Greyhound Goin' Somewhere Touch 'Em With Love 1969
The Box Tops Choo Choo Train Non Stop 1968
Big Star Thirteen #1 Record 1972
Alex Chilton Hey! Little Child Like Flies On Sherbert 1979
The Replacements Alex Chilton Pleased to Meet Me 1987
Oneohtrix Point Never On An Axis Again 2023
DJ Seinfeld / Stella Explorer She Loves Me Mirrors 2021
Panda Bear / Sonic Boom Edge of the Edge Reset 2022
Jessica Pratt Jacquelyn in the Background On Your Own Love Again 2015
SASAMI Take Care Take Care / Free 2019
Mitsubishi Suicide I Stopped Watching Films Mitsubishi Suicide 2023
Deep Tissue Condolences Patience or Fear 2023
Dehd Loner Flower of Devotion 2020
Dead Moon A Miss of You Unknown Passage 1989
Marching Church King of Song This Word Is Not Enough 2015
Frog Gone Back to Sanford GROG 2023
Parenthetical Girls Gut Symmetries Entanglements 2008

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