Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 2/26/24

Flower report: daffodils, snowdrops, and crocuses all spotted on my walk to the station tonight. Spring is on her way!

Also Owen's 3rd sit in!!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Astrid Sonne Staying Here Great Doubt 2024
Astrid Sonne Overture Great Doubt 2024
The Field From Here We Go Sublime From Here We Go Sublime 2007
The Pin Group Ambivalence Go to Town 1982
Neighb'rhood Childr'n Long Years in Space Neighb'rhood Childr'n 1968
Water From Your Eyes Barley Everyone's Crushed 2023
Frog So Twisted Fate GROG 2023
Tapes n' Tapes Omaha The Loon 2006
Xiu Xiu Little Panda McElroy Fabulous Muscles 2004
Hello Shark Stars are Glow Rarities 2006-2020 2020
Wolf Parade Shine A Light Apologies to the Queen Mary 2005
Bonnie Jo Mason Ringo, I Love You Girls in the Garage, Vol. 4 released 1964/compilation 2018
XTC 1000 Umbrellas Skylarking 1986
Smog I Feel Like The Mother of the World A River Ain't Too Much to Love 2005
The Lounge Lizards The First and Royal Queen Queen of All Ears 1998
The Egyptian Lover I Cry (Night After Night) On the Nile 1984
~~~~ Owen's Hour! ~~~~ ٩(^ᗜ^ )و ´-
Remo Drive I'm my own doctor Greatest Hit's
whoisazar! jump, you can fly Jump you can fly
Prince Daddy & the hyena I'm a bum adult summers
widowdusk woodbury town centre - bedroom demo woodbury town centre (bedroom demo)
Vs self yesterday by the beatles or: imagine by yoko ono everything seems better now
makeout palace i know, i know, i know MAKEOUT PALACE!
dikembe scottie spliffin chicago bowls
slaughter beach, dog acolyte birdie
Loving nihilist kite flyer if i am only my thoughts
liam grant androscoggin river rag amoskeag
fog lake painfully inference 3
car seat headrest happy news for sadness my back is killing me baby
peachy! no room for a nihilist in hollywood
vampire weekend capricorn new
the backseat lovers viciously lonely waiting to spill

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