Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 3/11/24

Blustery day out\(◎o◎)/
Featuring highlights from my personal 7" record collection :)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Frog Goes w/o Saying GROG 2023
Tapir! The Nether (Face to Face) The Pilgrim, Their God, and the King of My Decrepit Mountain 2024
Caroline Polachek Coma Desire, I Want to Turn Into You: Everasking Edition 2024
Eartheater Crushing Powders 2023
Kadhja Bonet Joy Childqueen 2018
Pete Brandt's Method What You Are Deviant Pop From Europe - 1980-1991 released 1980, compilation 2018
Magik Markers Surf's Up 2020 2020
The Nerves When You Find Out
The Amps Pacer Pacer 1995
~~~~~ 45's Collection Mini-Set ~~~~~
Joe Carson The Last Song (I'm Ever Gonna Sing)
Cilla Black Suffer Now I Must
Sharon La Prade Johnny You Can't Kiss Me Anymore
Mal Stover Memphis
Jimmy Dobro Swamp Surfer
The Honeys Pray for Surf
Jimmy Logsdon Truck Drivin' Daddy
Buck Owens My Heart Skips a Beat
Lulu Love Loves to Love Love
Friend and Lover Reach Out of the Darkness
Dorothy Berry You're So Fine
The Trammps Hold Back the Night
Kathy Brandon A Boy to Love Me
Dorothy Berry Cryin' On My Pillow
Chairmen of the Board Give Me Just A Little More Time
First Choice One Step Away
Madeline Bell Picture Me Gone
The Three Degrees Year of Descision
First Choice Smarty Pants
~~~~~ fin ~~~~~
levitation room Scene for an Exit Strange Weather 2024
Manequin Pussy Nothing Like I Got Heaven 2024
Dengue Fever Touch Me Not Ting Mong 2024
The Skin Cells (Alex G) East Coast

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