Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 3/25/24

"So, is this the hook you wanted? Is it stuck inside your head?
Can you sing it with your friends, or alone?
So, am I what you needed? Say you love me to my face
Grin and gossip, walk away and then go"

In another huge win for Philadelphia, local hardcore punk band Soul Glo did a Tiny Desk performance and opened up the first NPR Music Office mosh pit lol:

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Joanna Newsom Sprout and the Bean The Milk Eyed Mender 2004
Astrid Sonne Everything is unreal Great Doubt 2024
Xiu Xiu All We Ever Wanted Was Everything Tu Mi Piaci 2006
Squarepusher Dimotane Co Feed Me Werid Things 1996
Foetus Lust for Death Hole 1984
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Pin Fever to Tell 2003
Mannequin Pussy I Got Heaven I Got Heaven 2024
Modern Baseball The Thrash Particle MoBo Presents: The Perfect Cast EP feat. Modern Baseball 2015
yeule Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl (From "I Saw the TV Glow") Anthems For A Seventeen Year-Old Girl (From "I Saw the TV Glow") 2024 (new)
Adrianne Lenker Fool Bright Future 2024
Dorothy Carter The Squirrel is a Funny Thing Waillee Wailee 1978
Ulrika Spacek Circa 1954 The Album Parinoia 2016
Bill Holt's Dreamies Program Ten Part Two Dreamies 1974
Gang Gang Dance Inner Peace Saint Dymphna 2008
Essential Logic Brute Fury Fanfare in the Garden: An Essential Logic Collection compilation 2003
The Fly-Bi-Nights Found Love Found Love 1967
Tiger Trap Sour Grass Sour Grass EP 1993
Stella Donnelly Tricks Beware of the Dogs 2019
Kate NV двA TWO для FOR 2018
Shopping In Other Words Consumer Complaints 2016
Tobin Sprout To My Beloved Martha Carnival Boy 2017
Broadcast Tears In the Typing Pool [Demo] Distant Call - Collected Demos 2000-2006 released 2024 (new)
Dear Nora The Lonesome Boarder, Pt. 1 Mountain Rock 2004
Michael Hurley & Pals Penguins Armchair Boogie 1971
Little Wings Laugh Now Magic Wand 2004
Modest Mouse So Much Beauty in Dirt Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks 2001
Antonio Williams / Kerry McCoy Changes 25th Street Sessions 2016
HOMESHAKE Frayed CD Wallet 2024
Buzzcocks Ever Fallen In Love Singles Going Steady 1979
THICK Wasting My Time It's Always Something... 2016
bar italia skylinny Quarrel 2020
Liz Phair Girls! Girls! Girls! Exile in Guyville 1993

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