Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 4/22/24

There's a glass of milk just sitting on the sink counter in the ladies room down here :-/

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Yasuaki Shimizu Kakashi Kakashi 1982
Stella Donnelly Die Beware the Dogs
@ Friendship is Frequency Mind Palace Music 2023
Tempest Le Mans A Lamb Four Songs
Advanced Base Mother's Last Word to Her Son The World Is In A Bad Fix Everywhere: Advance Base Plays the Music of Washington Phillips
Halloween, Alaska Des Moines Halloween, Alaska 2004
Cola Blank Curtain Deep In View 2022
FRIKO Crimon To Chrome Where we've been, Where we go from here 2024
Alex G Southern Sky House of Sugar
Wednesday Bull Believer Rat Saw God 2023
Perfect Pussy Interference Fits Say Yes To Love 2014
BODEGA Tarkovski Our Brand Could Be Yr Life 2024
Magazine Because You're Frightened The Correct Use of Soap 1980
Gang of Four Damaged Goods Entertainment!
Manequin Pussy Sometimes I Got Heaven 2024
Sleater-Kinney One More Hour Dig Me Out 1997
Everyone Asked About You A Better Way To A Broken Heart Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts
Leal Neale White T-Shirt White T-Shirt 2023
Animal Collective Gem & I Isn't It Now?
The Impressions I've Been Trying Keep On Pushing 1964
Julia Holter Talking to a Whisper Something in the Room She Moves 2024
Sneaks New Taste Gymnastics
The Human Expression Reading Your Will Love At A Psychadelic Velocity
Dry Cleaning Viking Hair Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks 2019
Karaoke Ride Off Into Doom Blood, Piss, Religion, Pain
T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo Malin Kpon O Echos Hypnotiques recorded 70s, compilation 2009
Dear Nora Sarah, You're Not for Me A House Full Of Friends 2005
thanks for coming Try Again What is My Capacity to Love? 2023
Lewis Baloue Don't Stop Me Now Romantic Times

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