Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 7/1/24

AC in my apartment is broken right now, so I am exceptionally grateful I live in a building built for a pre-AC world. Lord Bless tall Victorian ceilings <3

Artist Title Album Label New Local
MJ Lenderman She's Leaving You She's Leaving You 2024 (new)
Beulah Emma Blowgun's Last Stand When Your Heartstings Break 1999
A Country Western Magnetic Life on the Lawn 2024
Animal Collective Man of Oil Meeting Of The Waters 2017
Freak Heat Waves / Cindy Lee In a Moment Divine In a Moment Divine 2023
Cupid & Psyche Angels On The Phone Romantic Music 2023
Dutch Interior It's Smokey Outside and I'm Afraid Kindergarten 2021
Julia Holter Something in the Room She Moves Something in the Room She Moves 2024
The Brian Jonestown Massacre (David Bowie I Love You) Since I Ws Six Take It From the Man! 1996
Dirty Projectors Search For Life 5EPs 2020
Jessica Jalbert Lack of a Lake Brother Loyola 2011
Dear Nora sedona human futures 2022
M. Pop Muzik Pop Muzik 12" single 1979
Silicon Teens Do Wah Diddy Diddy Music for Parties 1980
Habibi On the Road Dreamachine 2024
My Best Unbeaten Brother A Song About Double-Crossing a Friend Pessimistic Pizza 2024
YHWH Nailgun Maria's Wings (Needles Rain) YHWH Nailgun 2022
Kim Gordon Dream Dollar The Collective 2024
Xiu Xiu Common Loon Common Loon 2024
Planet 1999 Devotion Devotion 2020
Alice Coltrane Spiritual Eternal Eternity 1976
Rachel Sweet It's So Different Here Fool Around 1978
Broken Social Scene Guilty Cubicles Feel Good Lost 2001
Broadcast Spirit House Spell Blanket - Collected Demos 2006-2009 compilation 2024
Heavenly Shallow Heavenly Vs. Satan 1991
Everyone Asked About You Sometimes Memory Fails Me Sometimes Sometimes Memory Fails Me Sometimes 1998
Toni & The Hearts Never Change Our Love Never Change Our Love / Back To School late 60s
ShitKid Oh Me I Never This Is It 2018
Moha Jamin Shashwa Hashat Moha Jamin Raks Raks Raks - 17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets from the Iranian 60s Scene compilation 2009
The Raincoats No Side to Fall In The Raincoats 1979

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