Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 7/8/24

Heatwave pt. 2, this time it's so bad I wore a full on muu-muu to work today (´_`)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
54 Ultra Where Are You Where Are You 2023
Buddy Fo and His Group When It's Time to Go When It's Time to Go 1967
Basil Kirchin Sketch Two Charcoal Sketches recorded 60s/70s, released 2004
Chuck Senrick Kids Dreamin' 1976
Pram Loco The Stars Are So Big, The Earth is So Small... Stay As You Are 1993
Modest Mouse Teeth Like God's Shoeshine The Lonesome Crowded West 1997
A Country Western Ridgeline Life on the Lawn 2024
Swing With The Dolphins Yr Guitar Tigerbeat Inc disc 1 2001
bar italia the only concious being in the universe The Tw*ts 2024
The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat White Light/White Heat 1968
Liz Phair Go West Whip-Smart 1994
The Specials Friday Night, Saturday Morning More Specials 1980
The Slits Typical Girls Cut
Jacqueline Humbert Distant Space Daytime Viewing 1983
SASAMI Take Care Take Care 2019
bar italia sounds like you had to be there The Tw*ts 2024
The Free Design Light My Fire One By One 1972
Half Japanese Daytona Beach The Band That Would Be King 1989
The Dead Milkmen Dean's Dream Big Lizard In My Backyard 1985
Descendants Good Good Things I Don't Wanna Grow Up 1985
Helvatia Hybrid Moments Gladness (2001-2006) released 2010
Caroline Polachek Starburned and Unkissed I Saw the TV Glow (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 2024
The Drums Days Portamento 2011
Television Days Adventure 1978
Vacations Days Days EP 2015
Pinegrove Days Everything So Far 2017
Omni Common Mistakes Souviner 2024
Jeffery Lewis Seattle The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane 2002
David Byrne / St. Vincent Ice Age Love This Giant 2012
Liturgy Djeneration 93696 2023

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