The Politics of Dancing on Tue 1/12/21

So excited to back! What a time it has been, haven't seen the station since March and hopefully will again soon... until then all production is being created in house.... that is.. in my house in Jersey until further notice. Being that i am without a formal studio, I am creating content for the first time on Audacity. Please be kind to the mixing quality... as there is little to be proud of, BUT the track are what is important... mixing will come when i am back on air live!
Want to thank all of you who have returned back to the radio in Philly/ South Jersey and all of you who are tuned in all over the globe on

So these last months have not been without inspiration... and no one is more to credit for the reawakening that John Digweed, one of my favorite from way back when. A master craftsman, a Dj's DJ, He's a guy who lives up to all the hype! His weekly bunker sets on Mixcloud, have been the thread through the maze, back to my dj self and through him and few others , i have discovered new music and fallen in love all over again.

Two new artists of note would be Framewerk and Bicep, both who have created these beautiful progressive break beats and electronica for the ages! I will be featuring Framewerk on the guest mix in 2 weeks! I hope you continue to tune in!

Artist Title Album Label New
Sasha Burma/Smile Live at the Barbican Late Night Tales
Monkey Safari Palomar
Sasha/Frankey Wah Haunted
David Guetta Drive
Bicep Atlas Isles
Framewerk Metropolis
Gus F and Kate Bush Running up that Hill
Hybrid Kill City - VIP Mix
Yunus Guvenen indigo Layered Sounds 2 Bedrock Records
Hybrid Light Up- Matt Lange Remix
Bicep Apricots Isles
Hosh/1979/Jalja Midnight- The Hanging Tree ( themba's herd remix)
Sasha Sugarcoat Bedrock Records
Framewerk I Miss You Nine
Framewerk Together we are unified
Layo and Bushwacka Up to you Nightworks
Jay Lumen The Last Raver
Bedrock Emerald (Greyarea remix) Bedrock Records

The Politics of Dancing

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Dj Roo started at WKDU in 1995 while studying Photography at Drexel. She was a regular until 2008, when she took a leave of absence to get married and raise her family. She spun the morning drive for years and is inspired by dance music greats like BT, Sasha, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Dave Seamen, Nick Warren and Hybrid. Weekly sets are a knitting together of dance music classics, extensive back catalog of b-sides of underground beats and new tunes from today, proving that great music never gets old. Relive the club nights of the 1990s and 2000's. Check out her instagram- @DJROOGIRL
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