Field Day for the Sundays on Sun 2/7/21

Artist Title Album Label New
Bladder Flask Musical Behind Head One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met & Everybody Thought I Was Whistling Orgel Fesper Music (1981)
Gwenifer Raymond Marseilles Bunkhouse, 3AM Strange Lights Over Garth Mountain Tompkins Square (2020)
Wednesday Knudsen & Willie Lane Long Time 'Til Tomorrow Long Time 'Til Tomorrow Feeding Tube (2020)
Faintlife Withness Faintlife Self Released (2021)
Monokultur Ormens Väg Ormens Väg Ever / Never (2020)
David Fenech & Klimperei Eno Ennio Rainbow de Nuit Marionette (2021)
CIA Debutante The Band That Got Away Landlord Siltbreeze (2019)
Cabaret Voltaire Kneel To The Boss Voice Of America Rough Trade (1980)
Tappa Zukie Tapper Zukie In Dub In Dub Jamaican Recordings (1976/2011)
Letha Rodman Melchoir Marsh Of Sleep Handbook For Mortals Siltbreeze (2013)
George Russell Chromatic Universe, Pt 3 Jazz in the Space Age Decca (1960)
Preening Barn KP Dragged Through the Garden Ever / Never (2021)
Minutemen The Politics of Time Double Nickels on the Dime SST (1984)
Squid Narrator Single Warp (2021)
James Chance & the Contortions Anesthetic Buy Ze (1979)
Sleaford Mods Nudge It Spare Ribs Rough Trade (2021)
TV Priest The Big Curve Uppers Sub Pop (2021)
The Body Tied Up and Locked In I’ve Seen All I Need To See Thrill Jockey (2021)
Liquids Think Too Much Happy Halloween Self Released (2018)
The Germs Forming 7" What/Soul Jazz(1977/2018)
The Limps Someone I Can Talk To 7" Matchbox Classic (1979)
Satan's Rats You Make Me Sick 7" DJM (1978)
The Expelled Got No Cider 7" Captain Oi! (1977/1999)
King Khan Unlimited Foaming At The Mouth Opiate Them Asses Bargin Bin (2021)
The Shit Missile What's the Score The Secret Cult of the Shit Missile Bargin Bin (2021)
The Now You Student Here Come The Now Last Year's Youth (2003)
The Victims I’m Flipped Out Over You 7" Not on Label (1977)
Mystic Inane Mystic Ignorance Natural Beauty EP La Vida Es Un Mus (2021)
Nekra Groomer Disruptor La Vida Es Un Mus (2021)

Field Day for the Sundays

Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Sunday 6-8pm
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Saturday 8-10am
Looking as limp as Monday morning.