Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 8/16/21

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Artist Title Album Label New
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band Mudzimu Ndiringe Take One - Hallelujah Chicken Run Band recorded in 70s, compilation 2020
The Shangri-Las I Can Never Go Home Anymore single 1965
Mega Bog Crumb Back Life, and Another 2021
The Go! Team Ladyflash Thunder, Lightning, Strike 2005
Yves Tumor Jackie The Asymptotical World EP 2021
Karaoke Ride Off Into the Doom Blood, Piss, Religion, Pain 2020
Omni Blunt Force Networker 2019
Vashti Bunyan Train Song Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind released 1966, compilation 2008
Cluster / Brian Eno Steinsame Cluster & Eno 1977
Iceage Take It All Beyondless 2018
Toni & the Hearts Thank You Baby Camden Calling released 1966, compilation 2018
The Mike Flowers Pops Wonderwall A Groovy Place 1996
Cheekface "Listen To Your Heart." "No." Emphatically No. 2021
Emperor X Canada Day Western Teleport 2011
Woo Make Me Tea Into the Heart of Love 1990
Hurray For The Riff Raff Blue Ridge Mountain Small Town Heros 2014
Ten In The Swear Jar When You Write Accordion Solo! 2000
Xiu Xiu This Too Shall Pass Away (For Freddy) Dear God, I Hate Myself 2010
Joanna Newsom Bridges and Balloons The Milk Eyed Mender 2005
Shira Small Eternal Life Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From the Canyon released 1974, compilation 2006
Collin Stetson The righteous wrath of an honorable man New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges 2011
Steve Tibbetts The Big Wind Northern Song 1982
Anika Never Coming Back Change 2021
Deadbolt Billy's Dead VooDoo Trucker 2019
The Rappin' Reverend Dr. C. Dexter Wise, III I Ain't Into That! single 1987
Tsunematsu Masatoshi Nowhere Man 恒松正敏 1987
Raymond Scott Portofino 2 The Manhattan Research, Inc Recorded 50's/60's, released 2000
Spelling Emperor With an Egg The Turning Wheel 2021
The Tesco Bombers You Break the Ice at Parties Hernando's Highway 1982
supernowhere Hairspine Gesalt 2021
Frog Catchyalater Kind Of Blah 2015
Female Species Til the Moon Don't Shine Tale Of My Lost Love recorded 70's, released 2021
Yellowbirds Stop Tonight Songs From the Vanished Frontier 2013
Lee Hazelwood Cross Country Bus 400 Miles From L.A. 1955-56 recorded in 50's, released 2019

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