The Nod on Thu 5/5/22

Inspired by the wonderful eclectic classic sound of early 90's clubs and gatherings like Renaissance and DJ's like Sasha and Dave Seaman, this week it's a 2-hour trip mashing up piano house, Italian grooves, progressive house, early buzzin' trance, breaks, dance-pop-adjacent bits, and some deeper atmospheres.

Artist Title Album Label
Fluke Slid (PDF Mix) Circa
Funk Machine I've Closed The Door (Lungo Mix) Flying Records
Marathon Movin' (Trans Luna Injection Burn Mix) EG/Teutonic Beats
Justine Want Me, Love Me (Fathers Of Sound Guitar Mix) Transworld
EMF It's You (Orbital's 13½% Extra Mix) white label
Propaganda Your Wildlife (Red Zone Mix) Charisma
DJ MBG Let's Vibe MBG International
William Orbit Water From A Vine Leaf (Spooky's Acid Bath Mix) Guerilla
Rezoraz Art Of Time (Brown Black Or White Dub) Warp Records
Rhythm Section I Can Take You Higher Rhythm Section Recordings
Petra & Co. Just Let Go (Dubs) Mouse
TC 1992 Funky Guitar (FPI Funky Mix) R&S Records
The Beloved The Sun Rising (Il Sole Sorge) WEA
My Friend Sam Feat. Viola Wills It's My Pleasure (Club Mix) Network Records
Gypsy I Trance You (Paradiso Mix) Limbo
Marine Boy Fluid (108 Grand Mad And Messy Mix) Om Records
Megatonk Belgium (Nintendotone Mix) white label
Jean-Michel Jarre Chronologie Part 4 (E-Motion Mix) Disques Dreyfus
Volcano Let Your Body Be Free Olympic
Desert Moods (Club Mix) Stress Records
Riviera Traxx Moonlite Irma CasaDiPrimordine
Chubby Chunks Testament Three Cleveland City Records
Leftfield Not Forgotten Outer Rhythm
POB The Essence (Clanger Remix) Seismic Records
React 2 Rhythm Rhythm Addiction (Ambient Odyssey Mix) Guerilla
Hypnotone Dream Beam (Danny Rampling Deep Dream Dub Mix) Creation Records
T Tauri Joy To The World (No Felt) Hardkiss Records
Aritmya Shiver Intro Calypso Records

The Nod

DJ Kel
Thursday 2-4pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Thursday 2-4pm
Bringing you a mix of electronic dance, IDM, and space music from the mid-70’s to the present. Role models from over the years include Orbital, Sasha, John Digweed, Laurent Garnier, James Holden, DJ Sprinkles, Dave Clarke, Nick Warren, Andrew Weatherall, Mixmaster Morris, Plaid, Woob, Robert Rich, Tetsu Inoue, Phil Western, David Moufang, and the Hardkiss brothers. Tune in every week for a confetti of quizzical beats an’ pieces, some noodly bits, topped with soft ambient sprinklings. Get in touch by emailing - reach out on Instagram @scott_not_astronaut
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