Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Tue 7/19/22

I hate the trolley blitz

Artist Title Album Label New
The Replacements Kiss Me On the Bus Tim 1985
Viagra Boys Troglodyte Cave World 2022
Cat Power Free You Are Free 2003
Harper's Bizarre Witchi Tai To Harpers Bizarre 4 1969
Tonstartssbandht Hymn Eola Hymn 2011
The Shangri-La Out In the Streets Shangri-Las-65 1965
The Sweetest Ache If I Could Shine Glass Arcade 1991
Moondog Bird's Lament The Viking of 6th Ave. recorded 1969, compilation 2005
Basil Kirchin Primitive London 1 Primitive London 1965
Launder Intake Happening 2022
Randy Newman I Think It's Going to Rain Today s/t 1968
David Byrne Glass, Concrete & Stone Grown Backwards 2004
Momma Medicine Household Name 2022
Ramsey Lewis Love Story Sun Goddess 1974
Triangle Fire Make Me, Make You Everything Works 2018
Marina Aquino Jeito de Mato 2022
PACKS iknowiknow WOAH 2022
Margo Guryan Someone I Know Take A Picture 1968
Nick Shoulders Snakes and Waterfalls Lonely Like Me 2018
Babs Cooper Honest I Do single 1962
Silver Apples I Have Known Love Contact 1969
Faust Lauft... Heisst Das Es Lauft Oder Es Kommt Bald... Lauft Faust IV 1973
Stephen Malkmus Vague Space s/t 2001
Preoccupations Ricochet single 2022
Rick Cueves The Birds single 1984
Love Always See Your Face Four Sail 1969
Jessica Pratt Mother Big River single 2012
Alex Izenberg Ivory I'm Not Here 2022

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