Music for Pseudo-Intellectuals on Mon 9/4/23

Happy Labor Day :)

Show today featuring a mini playlist / history lesson on folk music's connection to labor rights movements in the US :-)

Artist Title Album Label New
SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE Natural Devotion YOU ARE ARRIVED (but you've been cheated) 2016
Dreamliners Just Me And You ust Me And You / Daiquiri 1963
Strange Ranger Dazed in the Shallows Pure Music 2023
Yard Act Trench Coat Museum Trench Coat Museum 2023
Water From Your Eyes My Love's Structure 2021
Le Tigre Dude Yr So Crazy!! Le Tigre 1999
Peggy Seeger I'm Gonna Be an Engineer We Are the Engineers 1975
Cut Worms Ballad of the Texas King Cut Worms 2023
Owen Pallett Scandal at the Parkade A Swedish Love Story EP 2010
Dawn Landes / Alana Amram / Abigail Chapin Bread and Roses Bread and Roses poem/lyrics written 1911, recording 2017
Paul Robeson Joe Hill Joe Hill written 1936, recording 1954
Pete Seeger If I Had a Hammer If I Had a Hammer: Songs of Hope & Struggle written 1949, compilation 1998
Bo Diddley Sixteen Tons Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger 1960
The Weavers Which Side Are You On? The Weaver's Almanac song written 1931, recording 1961
DEVO Working in the Coal Mine New Traditionalists 1981
Girl Ray Give Me Your Love Prestige 2023
Broadcast Echo's Answer The Noise Made By People 2000
Angelo De Augustine Naked Blade Toil and Trouble 2023
Matmos Always Three Words Quasi-Objects 1998
Lala Lala / WHY? Siren 042 Siren 042 2019
Sweeping Promises Blue Hunger for a Way Out 2022
Mitsubishi Suicide Song for Ciara H Mitsubishi Suicide 2023
Þeyr Rúdolf Rokk í Reykjavík 1982

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